Sparkx + DuPont Surlyn = Linkx

Bormioli Luigi’s Research & Development Department, in partnership with Pibiplast (Correggio RE, Italy) has recently finalized a pilot project aimed at manufacturing a new product by overmoulding a glass bottle using a ionomer, based on Surlyn 3D technology.

The result has been achieved using a special glass formulation, Sparkx, and the DuPont Surlyn resin. This new product is composed by a Sparkx glass bottle which is either partially, or completely encased in a DuPont Surlyn layer.

This technology allows the production of bottles of a brand new composite material, Linkx, registered brand of Bormioli Luigi SpA, allowing new combinations of shapes, colours and optical effects, which enlarge the range of the possible solutions available on the market for cosmetics and perfumery products. These products, if completely overmoulded with DuPont Surlyn case, can also be considered as safety containers.

Sparkx is the brand name of a specific glass formulation developed and registered by Bormioli Luigi SpA. Its main features are:

· increased impact resistance + 30 %
· low friction surface
· enhanced durability
· lead and other heavy metal free
· „ultraclear“ transparency (according to ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009)

DuPont Surlyn is the commercial brand registered by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company for its well known resin commonly appreciated and used in its transparency, resistance and toughness.